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This is what your day will look like:

  • You are responsible for production support, machine maintenance, machine planning, building maintenance and safety.
  • You walk the entire production line at least daily, and look for abnormalities.
  • You are available in production during planned product changes.
  • You maintain preventive maintenance schedules and document them.
  • You promptly respond to corrective maintenance calls and repairs.
  • You maintain the building according to OSHA, BRC, and housekeep best practices with support from production personnel.
  • You organize and maintain supply- and mechanical rooms.
  • You maintain the log of permanent and temporary repairs.
  • You review supervisors daily reports and fix or arrange repair of any reported technical issues.
  • You ensure that all OSHA requirements are implemented and maintained.
  • You monitor the proper functioning of the fire protection, cooling and waste water systems.
  • You assist in developing and maintaining an effective safety training program.
  • You do several other tasks as requested and defined by your supervisor or manager.

This is what we expect from you:

  • You have experience in maintenance systems (on the job).
  • You are a team player and stress resistant.
  • You have a basic experience with software (Microsoft, Office).
  • You are a flexible person and willing to work overtime/weekends as needed.
  • You are hands on and have technical skills.

This is what you get in return:

  • Together with your colleagues, you will join our Sweet Adventure growth programme, allowing both you and our organisation to develop.
  • Whether you come by bike or by car, you can get to work without any traffic jams.
  • Your working conditions are great with a wage package in keeping with market rates.
  • You will join a warm and welcoming organisation with great colleagues, where you can enjoy the delicious aroma of biscuits every day.
  • Every day, you will be working on The Sweet Adventure so that everyone in the world can enjoy our divine products.
  • A delicious adventure!

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Tasty testimonials

I’ve been working as a production line worker for 18 years, first at d’Haubry and then at Poppies Bakeries after the takeover. Laughter and chatting in the workplace are not frowned on, which I very much appreciate. Being able to make people happy with a biscuit makes me happy too. Back in the day, there were only 4 of us working at d’Haubry. Since then, our production environment has evolved and been automated a great deal since then, giving me the opportunity to evolve over the years too!

Petra Vandenberghe, lijnwerker

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