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This is what your day will look like:

  • Ensure GMP compliance in the plant (daily).
  • Complete the daily verification audit (minimum of 2/shift-daily).
  • Monitor the egg cooler temperature on a daily basis (daily).
  • Weekly preoperational swabbing (weekly or as needed on off shifts).
  • Troubleshooting with weights and updating weight charts (daily).
  • Being present at each changeover/startup and completing the line clearance changeover checklist (daily).
  • HACCP checklist monthly or as requested.
  • Pest control monitoring as requested (ILT glue board replacement, tincat monitoring).
  • Know the HACCP program and how to verify the calibration of every metal detector, performing a successive metal detector check at least once / shift (daily-test products in a row to ensure compliance).
  • Be responsible for day to day ingredient/packaging tracking program (daily).
  • Assist in performing the glass audit each week, month, and quarter as requested, reporting updates that need to be made.
  • Sample selection and shipping (weekly)
      • Pulling packaging and/or samples as requested by QAM, Production Manager, Plant Manager, or VP of Sales.
  • Coordinating the environmental testing with the QA Lab Supervisor to be completed as directed on the testing schedule (weekly).
      • Includes Air Monitoring for APC and Yeast&Mold, hand plates, environmental swabbing for listeria and salmonella.
  • Maintaining the cleaning cart and preparing it for weekly cleaning shift (Weekly).
      • Includes stocking the cart and retrieving cart upon startup.
      • Cleaning any necessary brushes or items on cart as needed.
  • Ensuring that all sanitation equipment are clean, operational, and assembled correctly (2X/week).
      • Clean and operational includes cleaning as needed, replacing handles that are broken and brushes that are worn as needed (check on Monday and Friday).
      • Assembled correctly means any brushes that are not in their correct location get moved and/or handles are on the correct color brushes.
      • Alerting of any items that need to be ordered for sanitation equipment.
  • Filing and filling out paperwork as needed or requested by QAM.
  • Use of daily log book or shift email updates (Daily).
  • Updates as needed to specification book in coordination with QAM (Weekly).
      • Includes laminating and placing new specs in book as well as checking to make sure old specs are removed from book.
  • Being present at each changeover and filling our changeover checklists (QA Version).
  • Completion of Packaging Inspection Form at beginning of shift and each changeover (Daily).
  • Shoe hygiene check and reporting of failures to QAM/Lab Tech (weekly w/ follow-up as needed).
  • Ensuring that samples are taken of each product for retain program (Daily).
  • Data entry of records and results as requested and defined by your supervisor or manager.
  • Performs daily product review and evaluates various product, date code, and product parameters as prescribed on the product review form. This evaluation encompasses weight monitoring, visual appearance, taste, and coding parameters. These results are recorded and maintained in the laboratory. Any out-of-specification or unusual results must be immediately communicated to the QA Manager, Assistant QA Manager. 
  • Other tasks as requested and defined by your supervisor or manager.

This is what we expect from you:

  • Experience in food manufacturing environment, knowledge of HACCP, GMPs, and AIB standards a must. 
  • Basic microbiological testing skills and knowledge of production processing methods.
  • General measurement skills and media preparation.
  • Analytical problem solving.
  • Thinking critically and high attention to detail.

This is what you get in return:

  • Alongside your colleagues, you'll be part of our Sweet Adventure growth journey, enabling both yourself and our organization to thrive.
  • You'll have the opportunity to be involved in exciting innovation projects and the chance to make your mark on the future of our company.
  • You can expect a competitive salary and excellent secondary benefits.
  • You'll be part of a welcoming organization with great colleagues, where you can enjoy the sweet scent of cookies daily.
  • Every day, you'll contribute to The Sweet Adventure so that people all over the world can savor our delicious products.
  • In short, a delightful adventure!

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Tasty testimonials

I have recently started helping the quality team to guarantee that our products meet a consistent standard. My job is very varied, and I am in touch with the product and production process most days. What I’ve noticed is that I can approach everyone and contacting the management directly is not a problem. We have a good atmosphere in our team, and everyone helps each other whenever necessary. There’s also a great atmosphere at work and the people are understanding and motivated, which to me is essential!

Charlotte Wysselinck, Assistant Quality Manager

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